The information that is provided on this website is to help you learn about Marlene S Garvis, LLC. It is not legal advice and you should not rely upon it as legal advice. Exploring this website does not make Marlene your attorney, or you her client. Before you and Marlene can enter into an attorney-client relationship, she will need to check her files to make sure that she does not have any conflicts. In addition, Marlene needs to ensure that she will be able to assist you with your matter. Consequently, please do not email any confidential information to her until you and Marlene have talked and you have entered into an attorney-client relationship.

Please note that an attorney-client relationship is established only after the following have occurred: (1) You and Marlene have had direct person-to-person communication in person or by telephone; (2) Marlene has cleared possible conflicts of interest; (3) You and Marlene have agreed to the terms of legal engagement; and (4) All of this is confirmed in writing with a retainer agreement.

Until then, please do not send Marlene any information that may be sensitive or confidential. Marlene does not assume any responsibility for keeping confidential any information that you send her unless and until she becomes retained as your counsel. Please note that it is always possible that Marlene may be already representing someone else who is adverse to you concerning the subject matter of your communication.

EVEN IF YOU ARE A CLIENT: Please bear in mind that e-mail and other information transmitted over the Internet could be misdirected or intercepted. Although there are security risks inherent in any transmission by telephonic or electronic means, you should be aware of these risks in sending Marlene any sensitive or confidential information by Internet e-mail.